Freeze Basil for Make Pesto Starters

I know, fresh basil is available for purchase year-round, but when you’re growing your own you want to preserve that unique, home-grown flavour perfectly. And why not, is for free! is there, just to know what and when to do it, 5 min effort.
We love pasta. We love pasta with Pesto. So I did it.

Basil cubes


– The most efficient way to freeze basil is by making basil cubes. I can add a green “bomb” in a soup, an last-minute aromatic punch. Simply chop basil in a food processor or with a knife and add enough oil or water to coat the leaves. You’re looking for the consistency of a thick paste. I am arriving for a three-to-one ratio of basil to oil. Spoon the herbal mixture into ice cube trays, freeze for one night, and then I transfer to a fabric freezer bag.
Pesto starters: to make pesto starters, the process is quite similar to making basil cubes. I combine equal parts chopped basil and parsley with enough olive oil to form a paste. No garlic because my husband hates but pine nuts are great. Freeze on cube sizes. Mix with cheese (parmigiana) after little defrost. I hope to find a parmigiana not too salty and to freeze within…

2 thoughts on “Freeze Basil for Make Pesto Starters

  1. Nice Idea Claudia to freeze the herbs into cubes. I work similar with a big part of the blackberries I collect from our blackberry bushes every year. Proces these in our food blender to change the berries into concentrate and a compact size. When frozen in ice cube holders, I keep these for the fruit smoothies in the wintertime when fruit is more expensive.


    • I discovered not too long time ago the cubes freezing system and I feel like I re-discover the water 😀 .
      I will try with fruits, too – great idea!, thanks!


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