Reuse the dried bread

This summer is hot in Brussels, so hot that I started to eat less.
Because of my allergies, I reduced (almost completely cut) the consumption of of bread, but my husband still continues buying 1-2 breads weekly. So we have a lot of dried bread and I don’t want to throw it away.
usually I buy a bread and split in 3 fabric bags and freeze, but now the freezer is full of icecream, meat from the farm, and cheap cherry => no more room for the dried bread.

I asked my best friend google what to do with.
He answered with same friendship as usual and gave me plenty of ideas, and I saved here, to inspire me:

1. Freeze. Done. 2-3 hours before lunchtime to take it out.
2. in small pieces the dried bread is great in tomatoes soup. But how much tomatoes soup I could eat ??
3. Dry Bread Crumbs (add in a blender). To use for snitzel or meatballs. But I don’t cook any of these, no more frying for me for years.
4. croûtons à l’ail et au persil. Cut in small pieces. Add some garlic (very well cut) of for delicate princesses as I have in my family I mixed with dried rosemary/basilicum harvested from my balcony, 1-2 spoons of oliv oil (is great to have a Greek guy in the office), mix all for 1-2 min. and add in the hot oven for several minutes. I use these for soups, or in salads. Done. And redone. For the future I will try with paprika instead of flavours.
5. with milk and egg and fried. I mention here maybe will inspire even I am not cooking this: is it fried and not healthy (I am going old …).
6. Gâteau au chocolat. I have no quantities but I mixed with milk, a little sugar, cocoa and eggs. Add in the oven for 35-40 min in around 170grades.
7. Add some water (4-5 spoons and add in the oven for several minutes. I tried in a pan with a lid, and 2 min. on the fire it is enough.
8. poudding du pain (pain au chien). French recipe, check the quantities Or this -are si filmuletz. Not tested yet but perfect for a brunch or a lazy weekend.
9. feed the animals.  but do it in small quantities, is as bad for animals/birds as a macdonalt for humans.
10. do a fromage fondue and use the dried bread.
11. gateau alsacien:
12. porridge (mix half of dry bread with a half of the quantity of dried oat ) – nice and easy… 😀 – to do.
13. pizza dough. It is summer, I want a faster pizza with less energy conspution /less heat . I need to keep in the oven only for 10 min to have a nice crust of cheese. Perfect for Friday evening, to clean the fridge 🙂
14. pudding chocolat – mix dried breads with eggs, milk, cocoa an cu oua, lapte, cacao to have a soft almost liquid dough. Cook 40min.
15. pudding salé : 500 ml hot milk, (bones/vegetable stock is great, but remember from the begining of the article I have no more room in the freezer…), add the bread for 15min in the hot water (200gr bread). Add in a hot pan some vegetables ( leek, carrots, for 2-3 min) to soft. Mix the weat bread with under cooked vegetables, eggs, cheese, put in the oven for 30min medium-small fire, in a shape as pizza.
16. Pain de jambon: jambon, kaizer , several slices of dried bread put in milk, 2 eggs, garlic and noix de muscade. In the oven.
17. La Panzanella toscana. It is a kind of salad with dried bread.

More french recipes are here, I am too lazy to read all but let’s keep for the future

P.S. the bread shop close to my house is selling dried bread with a half of the price, occasionally. Just think about..

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