Meditation in the garden



I am gardening for my forth year on this garden and still have a lot of issues with the planning.
At least this year I am doing better the succession planting, that allows me to grow more than one crop in a given space over the course of a growing season. That way, I can harvest 2 crops from a single area. For example my fast-maturing potatoes are ready to
harvest, and i will plant green beans instead.

Just to pay attention to:

-plan properly. I am not able to plan it…but I want to replace any potatoes that we will eat with green beans, as soon as I take out the potatoes 😀
-Use transplants. Add the seeds in my balcony and when move in the garden when is already a month old, and matures that much faster than a seed sown directly in the garden and survive to snails (I hope)
-Choose fast-maturing varieties. Complicated. Lettuces are eaten by snails so not happy with. Grean beans and cucumbers are great, let’s hope will survive
-add compost every time when I replant. This is a great decision, I see the plants are growing faster
-cover soil with mulches to keep warm for plants.

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