How to choose a container to plant on the terrace.

How to choose a container for gardening


Well, depends of what do you want to plant. Read at first what are recommendations for any of the plants: spinach or strawberries needs only 20 cm deep soil, ginger with 10cm soil can manage, but carrots or horseradish need deep soil.
For mainly plants: flowers, beans, spinach, condiments etc. I found the best on: wood boxes. These I have it for free from Colruyt, in the wine section. I just ask the employees if they give for free, some are very friendly and generous to clean the stock of garbage 🙂 some not.
The wood boxes are not perfect and have lot of holes/spaces so I covered the bottom of the box with a plastic to not loose completely the water and the soil. Only the bottom,ok?
But you can use any containers: ceramics, plastic, ex food recipients (there are 5l boxes for seeds or for olives/pickles ), plastic bags or fabric bags, just add some holes to . if there are not, to let the bottom to breath and lose extra water.

So, I have free containers. Free soil (compost bin on my balcony). For who has not, there are public compost bins, try to see if there are available to “harvest”.
Or you can buy. Plants in containers need a well-drained soil rich in organic matters. Garden soil should be avoided because is likely to contain weeds. As fertiliser I use the water diluted from compost bin.

What did you say about free seeds? not complicated: I use the seeds from germinating sets, or any organic beans. Or share with friends.
Easiest is to buy small plants.

Ok, what plants? Well, depends of the weather, sun exposure, space, etc. Small beans are better for balconies than high beans. zero sun but a lot of light? green leaves are perfect: spinach, cabbages, mint, rosemary, salads, rucolla etc you see, there are many possibilities.
The simple “cut-and-come-again” type of harvesting for salad mix/rucolla/spinach in containers provides a longer harvest season. Use mixed seeds and sow directly into a container. As the leaves grow, cut individual leaves for use. The plant will continue to grow and produce leaves even after several cuttings. Seed suppliers now provide ranges of mixed salad leaf seed for this purpose.


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