Ginger – a plant that can be grown in a pot indoor

Ginger is a herbaceous perennial which grows annual stems over a meter tall.We consume only the rhizome = the root and is famous as spice but as medicine effect. Because is originate from south Asia, under 10 degrees  Celsius (50 F) don’t keep it outside.

I start the ginger plant by planting a root bought from a shop. I choose a healthy ginger root  with eye,  that have started to turn green, probably organic,  because it developed alone by mistake.

Ginger plants love light shadow , in high-quality, well-draining soil so no clay one.

I add my root in a pot around 20 cm deep, planted 2-3 pieces of root around 5 cm each, in a  plastic pot but terra cotta is great too. Just attention to have enough of drainage holes.

The leaves are decorative, same to be quite similar to bamboo plants (as colour or shape of the leaves)


I started to harvest after more than a half years. How? just lift the ginger root from the soil, break a small piece, without impacting the branches or places with green eyes.  The other part I covered back with soil and continue as nothing happen.

Once we left for 2 weeks, in holiday, and forgot to water. The leaves where dead, a little upset for me, because there were 1m tall, but after several weeks of watering they recover.

Yep, fresh ginger with zero costs is easy to have.


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